Do it for the Love.

It’s been our motto since 2014 when we began creating the next generation of audiovisual magic.  A wondrous music visualizer to get lost in. An immersive virtual concert connecting you face-to-face with anyone on Earth. And a revolutionary mixed-reality stage empowering the community.  Welcome to the future of music, today.

World-class creator tools allow imaginations to run wild with the ability to create and deliver entirely original immersive experiences, worldwide, in a 24/7 music festival setting.  Sonic AI allows the software to visualize any genre of music automatically, letting every user have their ideal audio experience enhanced with a mind-blowing visual extravaganza. 

Free to Play. No Limits.

Soundscape VR is available for download for FREE today on Oculus Home and Steam.

The Universe

Stunning worlds that span miles. New discoveries. Hidden details. Audio-reactivity. Interactive environments. The ability to paint, fly, create, watch, listen, dance, compete, and engage with your friends in ways you've never seen. And all with the soundtrack of your choosing, pumped in through your favorite streaming source. The Soundscape Universe is home to four unique worlds: The Black Sun, Crystalline Summit, Twilight Thicket, and Silica Sol - with more on the way.

Artist Link

Live concerts anywhere.

A next-gen portal for creators to deliver their music across the globe, with up to 240 users sharing the same real-time experience. Exclusive performances, VR music video, 360-degree music visualization, fan engagement on an entirely new level; the possibilities are endless. Artist Link brings the power of VR to the masses with a platform made for changing the live music experience.


SVR Live

Next Level Mixed Reality. Hardware, software, and live music, SVR LIVE blurs the lines between realities by enabling a new form of connectivity between artists and fans based on a foundation of incredible visual arts. Soundscape's unique 360-degree mixed reality stage design entertains both VR users and spectators alike.  

For more information about booking SVR LIVE at your next event, please contact a representative at

Spectra Dash

Slice and shoot your way through the Soundscape worlds while flying at high speed, scoring points by causing destruction. You choose the music with no limitations.  Compete solo or with up to hundreds of players at a time in a sprawling open world.  

Shred your targets into hundreds of pieces of physics based destruction, then enjoy the visual spectacle!

VR Artisans

A richly detailed world, alien yet familiar.  An infusion of nature, music, and light in culminating in a vast explorable alternate reality.  Take flight and discover a dreamworld beyond imagination. From the glittering dunes of Silica Sol, to the bioluminescent forest of Twilight Thicket, you will travel through space and time to music venues like you've never seen before.  Each world a work of art, a painting to get sucked into.

A word from the artist & founder:

The power of live music is a wonderful thing.  Nearly seven years ago I became obsessed with the idea of a new generation of concerts and music connectivity between friends, a hyper-immersive music visualizer you could go inside of that allowed every attendee to have the best seat in the house. After debuting the SVR project at Burning Man, the overwhelmingly positive feedback from the community has inspired the continual development of Soundscape VR which remains free for all worldwide. It will always be my utmost pleasure and privilege to build the Soundscape Universe for you.

-Eric Ryan Alexander

Founder & CEO


Ever since Soundscape VR started out by gifting tech-art for smiles on the playa of Burning Man, our mission has been to explore the magical possibilities of music and art in every reality. Since 2014, we’ve been committed to:

Connecting music enthusiasts all over the world to create, dance, explore, play, and enjoy music together in a virtual space.


Enhancing immersion of the live music experience for audiophiles and videophiles alike.


Empowering musicians  with all new tools to bring their imagination and creations to life in VR/AR/MR.

Providing fair ticketing where every dollar you spend on a show goes straight to the artist.

Protecting the planet by lowering the ecological impact of live music.

Bringing artists and fans closer together in brand new ways.

Being a responsible and open social music platform that breaks the cycle of predatory technology.


Enabling everyone to have mind-bending audiovisual experiences from the comfort and convenience of their own home.


With hundreds of updates already since launch, we'll never stop improving our musical metaverse for you and your friends; always made by music lovers, for music lovers.

Inspired by Nature

We are committed to making smart decisions to protect the environment and manage our environmental impact responsibly. We have taken a number of steps to reduce our environmental impact and underscore our commitment to sustainability.

  • Soundscape VR offers a zero-carbon footprint music festival
  • All equipment is transported via electric vehicles
  • No employees of Soundscape VR commute
  • Soundscape VR is committed to a paperless corporate culture

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