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Artist Link is the premier creator tool for Soundscape VR and unlocks the ability to easily tour from home and deliver state-of-the-art virtual reality musical experiences to audiences worldwide. With the capability to produce live shows directly from your home, Artist Link eliminates the need for costly infrastructure normally associated with presenting a concert experience or tour, while allowing attendees from all over the world to attend without travel expenses . And performing live is just the tip of the iceberg. The level of customization is infinite, as are the possibilities, including custom worlds, avatars, and much more!

Performing in Soundscape VR is unlike anything anyone has experienced in the real world. Eliminate the laws of physics from the equation and you’ve only begun to peel back the layers of potential in this exciting new VR realm. With highly detailed venues that are reactive to your presence and music, immersive effects that are only possible in the digital world, and the reality of experiencing it with your friends and your favorite music, regardless of location, makes SVR truly unique in its offerings for fans and creators of music. It’s a fan-friendly experience that also simplifies the way artists deliver new and live music, surpassing any other VR experience.

Artist Link completely changes the digital musical experience, doing away with green screens and bad lighting and replacing it with one-of-a-kind VR experiences that puts the power in the hands of the artist. Choose from pre-built worlds such as Black Sun or Silica Sol, or let us build a custom VR world just for you! We can even build one-off avatars with custom features and looks that will have your fans talking long after the show has ended. We’ve even included a built-in ticketing system that allows Artists to draw compensation from their VR musical experiences.

photo collage of Artist Link artists in VR concerts

If you’re interesting in bringing your music or your brand to Artist Link, we encourage all interested parties to join our wait list at HERE

For more information about upcoming Artist Link performances in virtual reality, be sure to follow Soundscape VR on social media and check our EVENTS page on this website.

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