Next Generation of Soundscape available for download today!

Soundscape, the premier musical metaverse experience for VR and PC, today announced the availability of its latest creation, a next generation metaverse experience built on Unreal Engine 5. The first of its kind for VR, the new platform delivers a technologically groundbreaking audiovisual experience, with top-of-the-line graphics, avatar creation engines and a lineup of exclusive virtual performances by top artists.

Debuted at CES 2024, the new platform continues Soundscape’s work as a pioneer in musical metaverse experiences. Built to simulate an interactive audiovisual environment akin to a music festival, users can explore multiple diverse virtual worlds independently or online, using personalized avatars to enhance their exploration. As they engage with the experience, users can listen to their own music streaming service, which is integrated by an audio-reactive AI engine, or engage with virtual concerts from artists like Deadmau5, Slash, Evanescence and Goose.

The integration of Unreal Engine 5 is core to Soundscape’s new product, positioning it as the first major VR experience built natively on the engine and enabling state-of-the-art graphics and performance controls for users. The latest version also introduces upgrades, including Soundskin avatar creation capabilities and the V4 release of Sonic AI, the Soundscape audiovisual engine, enhancing the aesthetics and responsiveness of visual elements across all hyper-immersive worlds.

“We at Soundscape have a vision for the metaverse, one that amplifies human creativity and art through massively powerful immersive technology,” Soundscape Founder and CEO Eric Alexander said. “The metaverse offers chances to create entirely new experiences – new artistic mediums – that defy what anyone has seen previously. With Soundscape, we’re pushing the boundaries of everything this technology has to offer.”

Designed as a high-performance experience, Soundscape optimizes the capabilities of the most advanced VR headsets and PCs. It is purely an entertainment experience and does not collect, track, or sell user data. Soundscape is available for purchase and download exclusively on Steam for VR & PC play at $39.99.


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