A balcony view. Burning Man. Conquering a new frontier.

Soundscape VR was born from a unique vision as grassroots as can be. On a warm spring weekend back in 2017, thousands gathered at Lakes of Fire (a regional burner event) for a party showcasing local art and music. It was here that Soundscape VR was created as a gift for attendees, kicking off a chain reaction where SVR grew with enthusiasm by word of mouth, quickly evolving as the most advanced and immersive virtual music experience in the world.  Making appearances at festivals and events wherever people gathered to celebrate the incredible power of music and visual arts, Soundscape’s reputation grew by making history again and again with their continual debut of previously unimagined musical technologies.  The software was made available free to use at home so that all music enthusiasts from around the globe could create, dance, explore, play, and enjoy music together in a virtual space; enabling anyone to have a mind-bending audiovisual experience from the comfort and convenience of their own home.

Soundscape’s incredible vision has attracted world-renowned musicians and some of the most forward-thinking, passionate fans in the universe.  SVR is cutting edge in its production and does not accept any corporate sponsorship. This allows Soundscape to retain a true reflection of the people on the dance floor and their vision of what their community looks like. This mission is important to hold down as electronic dance music culture and predatory technology companies have moved into the mainstream where opportunistic corporations have threatened to pollute the experience. In this respect, Soundscape’s community is like no other. Your data is your own and you will not see one advertisement or corporate logo inside of Soundscape.

After launching worldwide, thousands of music lovers were arriving each month to dance and be free in Soundscape’s limitless musical metaverse, all while protecting the planet by lowering the ecological impact of live music.  Musicians and bands were empowered with the ability to bring their imagination to life in VR/AR/MR, connecting with their fans in brand new ways.  Today, people escape to the Soundscape Universe to discover amazing art, music, and life-changing experiences.

Soundscape VR is a 24/7 VR musical escape, boasting 5 uniquely themed stages/universes created by visionary founder Eric Ryan Alexander. In the VR studio, Eric designs, creates, codes, and produces all of the project’s virtual worlds.  The Soundscape family is led by Groove Science Studios consisting of Alexander and a dozen other music lovers tirelessly working on expanding the Soundscape musical metaverse.  Each Soundscape is a continually evolving work in process with regular additions as Eric dreams up each stage’s vibe and delivers new audiovisual magic year after year. The software works with every genre of music from all music services, enhancing any piece of music to the next level. Ultimately, Soundscape is a celebration of music, art, and life, limitless and unending in one of the most beautiful pieces of virtual art in the world.


Never Stop Innovating.

Soundscape VR was born from a grassroots vision fueled by the passion of a unique community that has grown rapidly through the exploration of new musical technology. Through its evolution, one clear value has remained constant – To enhancing the immersion of music enjoyment using the most advanced technologies available, while continuing to be the backdrop for an unparalleled, life-changing experience.

Soundscape VR is committed to retaining a true reflection of the people on the dancefloor by not accepting corporate sponsorship in its virtual music utopia. Guided by our dedication to foster a censorship-free and inclusive community-based platform, Soundscape VR strives to provide a magical environment to celebrate amazing music, art, culture, creativity, and self-expression. Believing in the power of freedom, synchronicity, and the moments in between, Soundscape VR continues to be an escape from reality that everyone can call home year after year – it’s all about connecting friends and fans from around the globe through the power of music!

With hundreds of updates already since launch, we’ll never stop improving our musical metaverse for you and your friends; always made by music lovers, for music lovers.


Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.

Eric Alexander
Benjamin Ferguson
Director of Ops & Marketing
Leah Ludwig
Director of Social Media & Content
Ethan Schwartz
Production Director