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DENVER – Prog-rock journeymen Dopapod are excited to announce their partnership with musical metaverse platform Soundscape VR for the launch of their seventh album, Dopapod due out May 27th

A year long-hiatus and the forced isolation of the pandemic yielded a deluge of creativity for the band.  Both individually and collectively, the members of the band spent time absorbing and reprocessing their work and the conceptual throughlines of their catalog, yielding an imaginative outpouring of new ideas and materials. The results include the 11 tracks on the Dopapod album, a collaboration with Tandem Media on an accompanying animation project for the album, the creation of the Building a Time Machine tabletop roll-and-move board game, which is cleverly integrated into the gatefold vinyl packaging of the album, and now with the partnership with Soundscape offering fans an immersive multi-sensory experience, which is the debut album release launch for the platform. 

“We love to work with artists that have an eye for innovation, and Dopapod definitely fits that bill,”  says Benjamin Ferguson, Director of Marketing & Operations, Soundscape VR. “With the gamification of their self-titled album, they are a perfect artist to bring a VR experience to their album release and we’re excited to welcome the band into the Soundscape Magic Mirror music metaverse.”

The show will begin at 9:00 PM EST on May 26th, the eve of the album’s release in Magic Mirror on the Soundscape platform. This is an immersive virtual reality experience that requires a VR headset to participate.  Fans without a headset, can listen and chat with the band and other participants through the SoundScape Discord. As with the accompanying animation project and board game, fans will be able to travel through the world of Dopapod song by song by entering the Black Sun Universe on Soundscape’s MagicMirror, a platform that brings the entire world universe 2D content into virtual reality. The Black Sun offers a chance to explore space stations, space ships, and space creatures beyond explanation.

“We had a great time making this album, and we are so stoked on the animations that go along with each song,” comments Neal “Fro” Evans. “Now we are excited to give the fans a new way to experience both at the same time, in an incredible virtual reality world! Join us as we enter the portal and listen to DOPAPOD in its entirety on the Soundscape VR Experience!”

As always, there’s more to Dopapod’s vision with the union of the physical and digital elements. “It does feel like we made all these albums and made a time machine,” says guitarist Rob Compa, “And now we’re at the new frontier, wherever we’re going.


In addition to the album the band will be hitting the road to perform new music at numerous festivals, headlining dates, and on a summer tour supporting legendary father of funk George Clinton and Parliament-Funkadelic.  See tour dates HERE.


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