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Soundscape VR’s Magic Mirror: Desert Dwellers & More

Today Soundscape VR (SVR) is announcing the launch of Magic Mirror, a new way to experience traditional 2D audiovisual content in virtual reality.

Magic Mirror provides a platform for content creators that brings the entire universe of 2D content into virtual reality, from music videos, concert footage, visualizers, to live streams and more. Building off the beautiful soundscapes of the SVR platform, this “digital drive-in” brings music lovers together from around the globe and is designed to scale infinitely, with no limit to the number of viewers who can take part in this shared musical experience. 

Magic Mirror is launching with special performances from The Desert Dwellers, Desert Hearts Mikey Lion, Porky, Lee Reynolds, Marbs, RYBO, Carlo and Good TV’s VNSSA, Walker & Royce, Ardalan and Option 4 with more artists, performances, and limited content being added regularly. 

To experience Magic Mirror, users can go to Oculus or Steam and download the free Soundscape VR software. 

“Magic Mirror offers the ability to supercharge any piece of traditional music content by merging the two-dimensional and three-dimensional worlds,” said Founder Eric Alexander, “We’re really excited to launch this new experiential pipeline with a collection of forward thinking, innovative, artists, like The Desert Dwellers, who definitely get the marriage of music and virtual reality.” Amani Friend from Desert Dwellers said, “Soundscape VR is truly a revolutionary platform and virtual festival space that brings people together through music, visionary art and celebration. The magic of this technology can unite people around the world, beyond borders!”

For more information about upcoming Magic Mirror content and events in virtual reality, users are encouraged to follow the company on social media and visit the website where a complete compendium of content available in Magic Mirror is available. 


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