Ethan Schwartz Brings Vast Experience In Live Production To Soundscape VR

Live Entertainment Veteran, Ethan Schwartz has joined Groove Science Studios, creators of the music VR platform, Soundscape VR, as Director of Production. Schwartz will oversee the company’s mixed reality stage, SVR LIVE, as live entertainment restrictions are lifted for 2022.

“It’s exciting to be on the front lines of the next generation of live production technology. SVR LIVE represents an entirely new implementation between the marriage of music and technology and I’m excited to help bring this experience to audiences all over North America,” said Schwartz with regards to representing the mixed-reality production.

Mr. Schwartz brings decades of live entertainment experience to Soundscape VR. As the Senior Production Manager for Sixthman, he was responsible for producing 12-15 multi-stage music festivals per year with artists such as KISS, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Paramore, Kid Rock, Kesha, 311, Pitbull, and more. He toured the country with Zach Brown Band, overseeing the tour accounting and stage box logistics for Zach’s own festival. Mr. Schwartz left his mark on Florida before heading North by producing over 500 concerts with South Florida Jams and kicking off the Spring Break Festival trend with Langerado, the first multi-day, nationally renowned music festival in South Florida, featuring acts such as R.E.M., Beastie Boys, Phil Lesh, Ben Folds, and more.

“Ethan’s passion for live music and his experience running production in one of the most challenging environments on the planet, makes him a natural Soundscape. We’re really excited to watch him develop and grow the SVR LIVE arm of our business. As the primary outreach tool for new fans, it’s great to know it’ll be in the confident hands of an industry expert,” said Director of Operations, Benjamin Ferguson.

SVR LIVE is expected to return to music and art festivals nationwide in 2022. The mixed-reality stage allows participants and viewers alike, to share in the experience of total live music immersion, utilizing a stage in the round with attached Valve Index VR headsets.


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