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Kienan Lafferty: Soundscape VR’s Art Director Extraordinaire

Kienan Lafferty, formerly of Phoenix Labs has joined the team at Groove Science Studios, creators of the VR Music platform, Soundscape, as Art Director.

“I’m excited to explore the possibilities of these new worlds with you! The Soundscape platform represents the next step in music immersion and I’m looking forward to blurring the lines further between what’s real and what’s virtual, said Mr. Lafferty, whose job duties will include leading the Artist Team and various special projects this fall.

With a portfolio of work that includes everything from cinematics to storyboards to character and worlds concepts, Mr. Lafferty brings another level of expertise to Soundscape. At Riot Games, he focused on character concepts and particle effects for League of Legends before managing his own team at Wavedash Games. At Phoenix Labs, Mr. Lafferty created key art for Dauntless, a co-op RPG enjoyed by millions. And his experience at Illumix included crafting next-gen AR experiences.

“Kevin’s previous experiences really defined his path to Soundscape, so it feels like a natural fit. His expertise will help lead the next round of innovations within the SVR platform,” said Creative Director and SVR Founder, Eric Alexander.

In addition to creating, Mr. Lafferty is also a Partnered Creator on YouTube as host and producer of the KNKL Show, a 150K+ subscriber video series where artists of all levels can learn to improve their skills. This effort is supplemented as an Art Instructor for Skillshare where he instructs over 4000 students in character design and concept art.


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