Soundscape VR is Born!

Taken from the balcony at The House of Blues in Chicago, it was this very spot, that very view, that stoked the flames of inspiration for the Soundscape Universe. What if everyone could experience the feeling of getting lost in sound with no distractions? What if sight-lines were no longer an issue? What if you could fly around the stage and feel totally immersed in the moment??? These are some of the questions Soundscape CEO & Founder Eric Ryan Alexander pondered as he stood, looking down on the stage, envisioning the next evolution of music.  On this date, Eric begins a journey that will culminate in him leaving his career as a microbiologist and to work on creating the world’s first VR controllable music venue: The Black Sun. It would be an intense process, 19 hours day for years on end, to translate his vision into virtual reality.