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Five uniquely different & immense, audio-reactive worlds.

The Soundscape Universe features multiple worlds spanning countless miles. New discoveries. Hidden details. Audio-reactivity. Interactive environments. The ability to paint, fly, create, watch, listen, dance, compete, and engage with your friends in ways you’ve never seen. And all with the soundtrack of your choosing, pumped in through your favorite streaming source. The Soundscape Universe is home to five unique worlds: The Nexus, The Black Sun, Crystalline Summit, Twilight Thicket, and Silica Sol – with more on the way.

Each of the worlds in Soundscape are handcrafted and full of rich detail, textures, and lighting. The vast soundscapes offer participants an unbridled experience of discovery and adventure. Pair that with music, friends, and our native in-game tools, and it’s guaranteed you’ll never have the same experience twice.

This is where it all begins, the original Soundscape VR venue. It might feel a little familiar and that’s all part of the design. To get you acclimated to the Soundscape Universe, we’re dropping you into something you all know and love, your neighborhood music venue. Inspired by venues around the world, The Nexus is now home to our universe portal and it’s where you’ll start every adventure in SVR.

Your journey into the Soundscape Universe begins just beyond Earth’s atmosphere, where a collection of wild and weird alien vessels have gathered for one reason – to dance!  The Black Sun offers a chance to explore space stations, space ships, and space creatures beyond explanation. Gather to share your love music and movement in a truly out-of-this-world venue. Intrepid explorers may even stumble upon some formerly earthbound secrets if they look hard enough…

Far from the familiar confines of our solar system lies the Crystalline Summit, a distant world defined by its epic mountains, endless snow, and living ion crystals that feed off the majesty of music. Unique and magical experiences await you, from mountaintop ion crystals glowing with power to the mysterious Cathedral of Sound, a place where music is praised, and secrets await.

Teaming with life and glowing with love, the temperate forests of Twilight Thicket are a musical Eden made real. Watched over by the impossibly tall Tree of Tunes, this natural wonderland features magic mushrooms (of a different sort), bubbling streams, and hidden treasures lurking around every corner. What will you uncover in the Thicket?

Expansive and perplexing, the endless desert of Silica Sol is the latest discovery in the Soundscape Universe. Life on this planet has taken a decidedly different form, with bouncing rocks, glittering skies, and plenty to uncover. Visit the Mirrored Chapel, scale Silica Tower, and delve into the depths of the Sunken Venue as you explore a world of dust and musical magic.

There is so much more to explore and discover in the Soundscape Universe, and we’re just getting started! What wonderful and musical worlds will we uncover next?


Compete with friends in Spectra Dash.


The Soundscape Universe is not without its challenges, and discovering new worlds is not without its dangers. Mysterious floating objects, pulsing with musical energy, have begun appearing and absorbing the musical energy given off by these incredible planets. Without intervention, the Soundscape Universe may grow cold and silent.

But worry not, for an elite team of explorers called Spectras have been tasked with saving the Soundscape Universe by any musical means necessary. Equipped with dual blaster-blades and booster jets, Spectras slash and shoot through way through the Soundscape Universe, eviscerating these song suckers.

Naturally, this bred rivalry among the Spectras, leading to the formation of Spectra Dash, the Soundscape Universe’s competitive multiplayer contest. Spectras will soar through the worlds hacking, slashing, and shooting in a bid to get the highest score – and if they dare, tackling the madness that is Chaos Mode. Are you up to the challenge?


Watch your favorite musicians through Magic Mirror.

The Soundscape Universe is your portal to music in VR – and with Magic Mirror, that is quite literally the case. With Magic Mirror, you and your friends can enjoy the best of both worlds; traditional 2D video content in a virtual setting. The days of gathering around a screen to watch a stream are over! Now, you and your friends can enjoy that content together in any one of our virtual soundscapes. Coming soon in 2021!