Black Sun Groove Party: Video Game Remixes
March 25, 2021

For many music lovers, video games provided our first real exposure to the music we would one day come to know and love. From Mario and Sonic to Call of Duty and Rock Band, music and video games are forever intertwined. That’s why for this week’s Black Sun Groove Party, we’ll be tuning into something a little different – the unique and popular video game remixes of Nokae (@vgremixes). Being a musical video game set in a VR world, it’s a match made in heaven, and something a little bit different from the big name artists we’re all used to. The music starts at 7 PM MST, and joining is easy and free!

To join us, first hop into the Black Sun Groove Party channel on our Discord and adjust the music volume to your liking. Then boot up Soundscape VR, and from the Nexus select “Live Soundscapes” and “Black Sun Groove Party” where we’ll all be hanging out until 8 PM MST. Looking forward to seeing you there!