Black Sun Groove Party: Justice “Woman Worldwide
July 1, 2021

We’re back at it for another Black Sun Groove Party, and this time we’re taking it back to 2018 and the release of “Woman Worldwide”, the last major release from French house duo Justice. Self-described as “10 years of Justice mixed and remixed”, the duo reportedly wrote down every track they released at the time and broke down every song by tempo, key, and how much they wanted to incorporate each song into their live set. This gives “Woman Worldwide” the same vibe and feel as one of their eclectic live sets and makes for a powerhouse performance.

To join our Black Sun Groove Party, follow the directions below:

-Join us in our Soundscape VR Discord voice channel, BLACK SUN GROOVE PARTY using this link: NOTE: This is the only way to communicate with others and hear the music so be sure to join our Discord channel.

-Launch Soundscape VR through Steam on your choice of VR headset.

-Once you find yourself in The Nexus, our main room, squeeze the right trigger to activate the selection cursor and click the menu option Live Soundscapes.

-Select the Live Soundscape BLACK SUN GROOVE PARTY at the top of the list and you’re ready to boogie with us in Soundscape VR!

-For the first 15 minutes we will wait in the main room to greet you. A member of our SVR team will be available on Discord for technical support if you have any questions. We’ll all be hanging out from 7pm-8pm MST. Looking forward to seeing you!