Black Sun Groove Party Featuring Tchami’s “Year Zero”
February 25, 2021

2020 was, in a word, a worldwide reset of sorts, especially in the world of music. But that didn’t slow down Soundscape VR or many great artists, who released some of their best work during the year the entertainment industry came to a standstill. Among them is French DJ Tchami, who released “Year Zero”, a new album whose name and sound in many ways perfectly encapsulates what 2020 was for the world of live music.

Join us Thursday, February 25th in the Black Sun Groove Party and Discord Channel where we’ll listen to this banger of an album and talk about the shows and festivals we’re looking forward to most once the world returns to “normal”. The music starts at 7 PM MST, and joining is easy and free! To join us, first hop into the Black Sun Groove Party channel on our Discord and adjust the music volume to your liking.

Then boot up Soundscape VR, and from the Nexus select “Live Soundscapes” and “Black Sun Groove Party” where we’ll all be hanging out until 8 PM MST. Looking forward to seeing you there!