Black Sun Groove Party: Daft Punk Tribute

Mar 11 2021

You’ve no doubt heard the news by now that legendary electronic duo Daft Punk has parted ways, but the memories we have of their music will live on. In celebration of their musical contributions, our next Black Sun Groove Party will go down to the tunes of their 2007 Alive album, an instant classic and absolute banger from start to finish! We’ll be firing the event up at 7 PM MST on Thursday, March 11th.

To join us and enjoy the full experience, first hop into the Black Sun Groove Party channel on our Discord and adjust the music volume (on the FredBoatPatron music bot) to your liking. Then boot up Soundscape VR, and from the Nexus select “Live Soundscapes” and “Black Sun Groove Party” where we’ll all be hanging out until 8 PM MST. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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