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Artists Now Available in Magic Mirror

Looking for music videos in VR? Look no further! Magic Mirror is a new way to experience traditional 2D audiovisual content in virtual reality. Magic Mirror provides a platform for content creators that brings the entire universe of 2D content into virtual reality, from music videos, concert footage, visualizers, to live streams and more.

Below is a collection of artist videos currently available in VR through Magic Mirror.

Born Grant Kwiecinski, the multi-talented GRiZ has cultivated a party-poppin’ corner of bass music all his own defined by sax-blastin’ productions and soulful live shows.

For Evanescene’s singer/songwriter and frontwoman Amy Lee, most of her best creative ideas are inspired by dreams, and with Synthesis (BMG), the band’s long-awaiting fourth studio album (and first since 2011’s self-titled release). it was a case of turning a long-held vision into reality.

From their initial bar gigs in 1998 to repeatedly playing three-night runs to packed crowds at the legendary Red Rocks, Amphitheatre, Umphreys McGee has remained intensely committed to their fans.

Uniting melodies with deep subsonic frequencies while still maintaining hints of his Indie background have proven key to Memo’s signature style. Memo’s life is shrouded in mystery. From the unification of positive and negative energies to balancing the forces of the masculine and feminine and onto the balancing of Jing & Yang.

The gutter techno sound immerses you completely in spellbinding eerie melodies and charging rhythms – a unique blend of sonic voodoo that will undoubtedly take you on a resonant musical journey like no other.

Desert Dwellers is the convergence of music producers Amani Friend and Treavor Moontribe, who honed their individual skills in the mystical deserts of New Mexico and California, long before electronic music reached the mainstream. Amani and Treavor combine the raw sounds of the natural world, wrapped in dance-floor and chill-out productions; blending deep bass, earthy percussion, etheric voices, and cross-cultural instrumentation into a sonic incense for the mind and body. Desert Dwellers’ unique global sounds are a bridge between worlds, and their label Desert Trax has become a platform to spotlight similar alchemical artists.

Walker & Royce have spent years honing in on their one-of-a-kind style, meticulously crafting the sounds they want their fans to hear in clubs, at festivals and in their headphones. The result is a cohesive, career-defining body of work that firmly places the duo at the forefront of dance music’s future.

VNSSA has always had a passion for music, even as a child. The Newport Beach native now calls Los Angeles home, and has immersed herself into the local electronic scene. Her live sets cover all genres of house and techno, although don’t be surprised to hear some classic disco as well. VNSSA performs regularly at well-known venues all over the country.

Part mythical desert harlequin, part modern soul conductor, Mikey Lion is more than a DJ––He’s a freak of nature and a controller of energy. The San Diego-native has earned a dusty mystique over the past few years as the center of the Desert Hearts movement and as a house and techno provocateur with a stage presence that suggests he will ride this wave all the way to the top. If there’s one thing Mikey does well, it’s get the party started.

Born in Tehran, Ardalan found himself gravitating towards an unlikely passion for music at an early age. Enamored first by traditional Iranian music and classic jazz and rock, Ardalan’s taste began to transform with his childhood years spent moving back and forth from Iran and California. With each intercontinental return, Ardalan grew his treasure trove of mixtapes filled with rare musical gems like gangsta rap, Italo disco, and movie and video game soundtracks–the best of the West.

David “Porky” Leon is a San Diego based DJ/Producer and Founder of Desert Hearts. Sticking true to his reputation as a wildcard on stage, Porky cannot be missed with his vibrant fashion and unmistakable sets, loaded with tons of energy, twists, and turns. An electric personality on and off the stage, Porky is as genuine and charismatic as they come , surely to capture the attention of every room he enters. When not touring, you can find Pork y expanding his culinary skills or diving headfirst into the nearest thrift store.

Giancarlo a.k.a Carlo takes you on a musical journey around the world, exploring sounds from the jungles of mexico to the streets of the french quarter, all in search of the perfect groove. A journey into sound from the past, present and future of cultured music, Carlo hosts a progressive mix of house, moombah-soul, latin, jazz grooves, and the funk. “I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring.” – RIP David Bowie

If there’s anyone who knows how to throw the dance floor into complete mayhem, it’s Los Angeles-based DJ, RYBO. The young, up-and-coming house prodigy has been a staple member of the Desert Hearts family for the past three years, taking part in not only the festival itself, but also a number of one-off parties, showcases, and City Hearts tour stops.

The career of option4 is a testament to how putting in work and keeping it real can take you to stages across the world. Time and again he’s navigated the twists and turns of the industry, proving that his success as a DJ, producer, promoter and label owner did not happen by accident. The music world changes by the day, but option4 is determined to stay one step ahead of the game. If nothing else, you can rest assured that he’ll always dance to a different beat.