Bridging Music with digital landscapes in unreal engine 5

Soundscape is breathing life into music through personalized worlds in VR, according to Tech Times writer, Ryan Epps. Read below for a sample and then follow the link for the entire article.

The metaverse. It’s lost that incredible fervor felt all throughout 2022, which incidentally many coined the year of the metaverse (and likewise, as Fast Company describes, the year we sobered up about it). The major problem with the metaverse as a concept is its over-reliance on advanced technologies, which many of us don’t want to contend with. Plus, it’s incredibly expensive to develop for as well as to maintain; just look to Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta for clarity, having now lost upwards of $21 billion.

The downfall of NFTs, crypto, and Web3 all seemingly brought with it the metaverse ideal. Its staying power may not have stuck in the hearts and minds of the masses, but there’s no denying that the metaverse does prove to have some merit in terms of connection and, of course, gaming. Just look up the search term “metaverse,” and popular digital spaces like Roblox, Minecraft, and Fortnite crop up automatically, as these are the most common examples of modern metaverse worlds that work (and are seemingly profitable).

One such example takes things a bit differently. Originally released back in 2017, Soundscape VRoffers players a literal escape from the mundane through the art of music and digital creation. At its heart is – well, Unreal Engine, but beyond that is, as founder and creator of the experience Eric Alexander describes, “the connection between bringing people together through the power of music.”


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