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The potential for AI to disrupt music is the topic de jour, but add the Metaverse to the mix, and the possibilities become even more mind-boggling.

We’ve all dreamt at times of music collaborations that never were.  

  • What if Jimi Hendrix played a show with Pink Floyd alongside David Gilmour? 
  • What if Madonna and Michael Jackson teamed up to create the ultimate pop fusion EP? 
  • What if Skrillex produced a Garth Brooks track featuring a guitar-shredding Santana solo?

Over the last year, many have seen the power of text-to-image AI, technologies able to fuse words or concepts together into artistic masterpieces of gallery quality. But how long will it be until text-to-music AI exists, where you can type in your favorite artists, and within seconds it spits out not just a brand-new track but an entire album produced to your liking? Daft Punk remixing Styx’s Mr. Roboto might sound like science fiction, but it’s coming sooner than you think. 

AI offers limitless possibilities to reshape the world as we know it. It’s ushering us into the future, much like the internet sculpted the dawn of the 21st century. Here at Groove Science Studios, we’ve been creating the future of music for nearly a decade. Our Musical Metaverse, Soundscape, is about doing the impossible when it comes to experiencing live music.  We are working on all kinds of technologies to power the next generation of concerts, and AI is at the forefront of them all. 

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