Soundscape Enhances Concert Experience with musical metaverse

The Evergreen-based company puts users in control of the music while the scenes around them move to the beat. In this article for Bultin, Cassidy Ritter takes a closer look at Soundscape.

Participating in virtual reality experiences in the middle of a desert is uncommon, but that’s exactly what Eric Alexander offered to music lovers attending Burning Man in 2011. After the successful art installation there, Alexander turned this idea into a business and launched Soundscape.

Soundscape is a musical metaverse where the users are in control. Through a computer, television or VR headset, users download Steam or Oculus, log into the Soundscape platform, create an avatar and select from six different worlds ranging from an ocean scene, space or the middle of a forest. Users bring their own music to the platform be it from their computer, Spotify account or own collection, Alexander told Built In, and the world around them responds to it.

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