Soundscape VR Affirms its Greening Efforts

Groove Science Studios has announced new company directives aimed at maintaining an environmentally progressive mentality as the company continues to grow. 

“Like many of the artists we work with, we too are heavily inspired by nature,” said Groove Science Studios CEO, Eric Alexander. “And it’s important that we protect and maintain those assets for future generations. The Soundscape VR platform already offers the ability to host a zero-carbon footprint music festival, but as a company, we want to make sure our impact in the real world is also zero. That includes everything from a remote workforce and being a 100% paperless company, to utilizing electric vehicles for our events and travel.”

In celebration of Earth Day 2020, Soundscape VR is affirming our commitment to reducing our environmental impact and continually improving our methods, with regular view points. We will encourage our audience, suppliers, and stakeholders to also do the same. We will lead by example by making smart decisions to protect the environment and manage our environmental impact responsibly. We are committed to regulatory compliance as well as increasing employee awareness and training.


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