Patch 2.02 Goes Live With New Upgrades And Fixes

Category: News

Hey all! BIG patch 2.02 today is now live on Steam and Oculus! Enjoy the many improvements, more to come!

-Dozens of performance improvements and optimizations
-Improved lighting in Twilight Thicket
-Multiplayer characters will now move and fly much more smoothly
-Visualization modes and Chaos modes unlocked and able to be selected via UI
-Scoring HUD now displays correctly in multiplayer
-Swords now display in multiplayer
-Session list upgrades to sort and join multiplayer games easier
-Player list now displays curator and other multiplayer users in session
-Improved visuals and effects on floating lanterns
-New particle effects added
-Crystalline Summit visual upgrades
-Various particle upgrades
-Tree upgrades
-Stability improvements and crashing fixes
-Some magical springtime flowers have been seen sprouting in Twilight Thicket

One final note regarding multiplayer – we are aware of an outstanding bug affecting teleportation in multiplayer. We plan to have this fixed very soon and will let you know when bring in this update next week