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Patch 2.01 Goes Live With Numerous Bug Fixes

We’ve just updated the Steam and Oculus versions of Soundscape VR with a new patch that brings in a number of fixes and improvements, but at current time affects our multiplayer server connectivity. We’re going to be working as quickly as we can to restore full functionality.

Patch 2.01 changelist:

Fixed an issue where the main menu song was playing too loudly in the tutorial making it difficult to hear
Fixed an issue where collectible items were not saving
Fixed an issue that caused the menu to open incorrectly
Fixed an issue with the Keyboard tilting
Fixed an issue where the music UI was displaying files by default
Fixed an issue on vive where the sword holding hand position was incorrect
Fixed an issue where players could not select any chaos modifiers
Fixed an issue in multiplayer where the player scoring was not displaying correctly
Fixed an issue where you could not see other players afterburners
Fixed an issue where multiplayer session names were displaying incorrectly
Fixed an issue where the player start would be floating off the ground
Fixed an issue with visual glitches upon loading into different worlds
Fixed an issue where certain items could not be destructed
Fixed an issue with graphical glitches in the Black Sun
Fixed an issue where you were unable to shoot fireworks
Fixed an issue where visualization modes were unable to be changed


Next Generation of Soundscape available for download today!

Soundscape set to unveil unreal engine 5 update at ces 2024

Wishlist Soundscape (2024) now on steam

Soundscape trailer drop is here!

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