Soundscape VR Update: Overhauled music visualization system, new lighting, new flying, and countless upgraded visuals to push your new 2080Ti to the max

Soundscape VR expands across music genres today with a brand new customizable visualization system that is more beautiful and immersive than ever before, and works better with more kinds of music. “Energetic Flux” “Smooth Groove” and “Slow & Sexy Synthesia” will all blow your mind as you slip into one of our audio-reactive worlds where you can explore and discover, draw and create, or just relax and watch – all are equally amazing experiences. Play your favorite music from any source or service on your PC, there are no beatmaps that need to be painstakingly made and modded here, Soundscape handles that all automatically! You just play your favorite songs and enjoy, it’s that easy!

We’ve added a multitude of upgrades improving gameplay like the new the ability to drift and turn midair while flying, enhanced our lighting engine to be more realistic and beautiful, and added a whole slew of new visual effects as well as upgrades to existing ones. New GPUs are coming and Soundscape has been upgraded and uncorked to take advantage of them with a new ceiling for graphical capabilities. See how far you can push your new card in our recently added audio-reactive world, Crystalline Summit. Try out ludicrous setting if you dare and discover one of the best looking VR experiences in existence.

Last but not least, this update is of course 100% FREE, made for music lovers by music lovers! We are proud to create the most mesmerizing and creative free VR experiences in the world, and hope you love our new work as much as everyone else has! If you are as passionate about music as we are, visit our Discord to say hello and chat with the team about your favorite new releases! Thanks for playing and thanks for all the love at our Burning Man art installation last month!


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