Take flight and soar through Soundscape in the latest update!

Get ready to fly and experience Soundscape from all new perspectives while you hone your Zero-G dancing skills!!! New locomotion has been added that works in conjunction with the previous teleportation; now you get the best of both worlds at the same time seamlessly with zero menu switching!!!

There are some important button mapping changes with this update (the tutorial and control screen have been updated for in-game reference):

The left thumbstick (previously the autolights button) now activates flight when depressed. The direction of flight is controlled by the direction both your controllers are pointed. Double-clicking this button toggles continual flight on or off so you don’t have to hold it down if you don’t want to while you float around. The left thumbstick works great in conjunction with the right one (teleportation) so try them together to really get around seamlessly.

The autolights button has moved to B on the right controller. A single press turns that mode on or off and a new audio effect confirms when you do so.

The old B button effect, setting the previous lights back on, has changed. Now, if you are turning lights on manually with the right trigger and you tap the B button while the R trigger is held, the light that is currently on will stay on even when you release the trigger. When you press the trigger again they will turn off. So basically now the B button lets you keep your lights on handsfree in 2 ways: 

1) either cycle automatically (autolights) by tapping B once (while right trigger released)
2) keeps your preferred light on by tapping B once (while right trigger is held)

As usual, there are also multiple new visual effects, gameplay enhancements, and other secrets to discover! Hope you enjoy!


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