Exciting New Update: Highly Anticipated Features Unveiled

Today brings a couple new highly anticipated features. First up is the much requested automatic mode. Simply enable Auto mode from the console in-game and enjoy all the eye candy control-free while you sit and chill. If you change your mind at any time and want to put your own spin on things just grab the controller, all particle and modifications are still active and ready when you are!

Second up is an overhaul of the entire music synchronization system. You can now easily access a BPM slider from the console in-game that allows you to sync every effect in the game to any BPM 70-170. Don’t know the BPM of your music? No problem, just match the flashing indicator attached to the console to the beat of your music and you will be all set. And don’t forget you can also combine this with the speed controls on your right controller to achieve the perfect speed you desire!


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