SVR LIVE Debuts with brand new stage at Apogea & Sonic Bloom Festivals

The summer of 2019 brought big changes to the SVR LIVE stage, helping to establish an even larger presence at live events. Apogea played testing ground to Sonic Bloom where the full capabilities of the new design were realized. Upgrades included tripling the number of VR stations, full screen video projectors in the round for spectators, new lighting and sound production, and of course, a complete 360ยบ immersive experience. It was an overwhelming success, with lines of participants and spectators alike surrounded the installation at Sonic Bloom. The crowds, many of whom had never experienced virtual reality of this level before, were left pondering the purchase of their own VR set-up to continue to experience at home.

The new hardware set-up allows for greater flexibility when participating in live events. Completely scalable, the installation can support up to six VR stations, a DJ booth, video and audio production, and a few other surprises. “Eric spent a lot of time reviewing our experiences at previous events to see how we could maximize exposure, but still keep the installation manageable. The new software demo from our development team that is running really shines in highlighting the full experience, the evolution is definitely designed for impact,” remarked Soundscape VR Marketing Director Benjamin Ferguson. The latest build of the SVR LIVE experience offers an 8-minute state-of-the-art VR experience that encapsulates the best of the platform and hints at what’s to come, while setting a new bar for the industry in the presentation of live VR content, one that is certain to be emulated for years to come.