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Announcing Soundscape VR 2020, our next update

December 1, 2019

Today we are rolling out a massive update to the Soundscape Universe platform and our last official update of the year, Soundscape VR 2020. This massive update has a long list of features, but a couple of highlights include visual and performance improvements across all worlds, updates to the Sonic AI audio-reactivity engine, and so much more. Take a look at the highlight list below for more detailed information.

Don’t forget to join us on Discord, you’re feedback and enthusiasm drives this universe! Thank you & Happy Holidays to all of our users!

Visual overhaul and enhancement of all worlds
– All worlds have received new art assets and expansion of their core visual theme. Discover new spotlights, new planets, new trees, new foliage, new snow, new stage areas, and much more, as well as lighting and shadow upgrades to make each Soundscape more beautiful than ever before.

Performance improvements for all worlds
– All worlds have undergone significant optimizations improving performance. Higher framerates means a more immersive and comfortable experience for longer play sessions. Twilight Thicket is still our most advanced level and designed for users with advanced GPUs, but you can expect to see improvements of 30% or more on framerates, while at the same time improving overall visual quality.

Control upgrades supporting Vive/Index/Rift CV1/Rift S
– Enhanced haptics, controls, aim, and usability for all controller types, including new experimental WMR support.

SVR LIVE performance and gameplay upgrades
– A variety of visual and usability enhancements to our mixed reality stage and art installation mode.

Sonic AI v2 audio-reactivity improvements
– Improvements to beat detection, frequency detection, and visual reactivity to any genre of music, making the world of Soundscape more reactive and dynamic. Phase 2 improvements coming soon.

Real-Money transactions are now available for those who wish to support development
– All store items can be purchased for free with Harmonia you earn from playing. Want to help out another way? Leave a review for Soundscape on your platform(s) of choice and share your experience to help other music lovers find this free software!

Optical Hack unlocked for all players across all platforms
– 3 trippy effects available for free, expandable with up to 25 visual enhancements that you can use to glitch out your friends.

Lighting micro-controller to control and modify each world in tune with the music available for purchase and coming soon
– Includes free Enhanced Optical Hack effects!

Artist Link stage upgrades
– Improved and expanded with brand new enhancements to visualizations, models, and pyrotechnics

Menu and UI enhancements
– New world select screen, new gameplay modes added, and new instructions on how to play any music you want to hear

Bug Fixes
– A large number of reported bugs have been fixed enhancing every thing from solo to social play, UI, cosmetic items, music, and more.

Patch 2.03 Goes Live With Improved Graphics and Sound Visualization

April 2, 2019

Patch 2.03 is live! In this new patch, we have made a number of upgrades to the graphics and sound visualization effects across all three levels. We also addressed a few minor bugs affecting players.

-Crystalline summit BUFFED with new audio-reactive effects, lighting, shadows, and other visual upgrades!
-Fire effects have been upgraded across all worlds
-Laser visual upgrades across all worlds
-Glowing materials and objects now have RGB rainbow fading modes triggered by audio-reactivity.
-Floating lanterns upgraded
-Fixed an issue where players could not access instant paint light
-Fixed an issue in multiplayer that caused players to rotate when loading into the world
-Fixed an issue with teleportation that would cause players to rotate

Patch 2.02 Goes Live With New Upgrades And Fixes

March 29, 2019

Hey all! BIG patch 2.02 today is now live on Steam and Oculus! Enjoy the many improvements, more to come!

-Dozens of performance improvements and optimizations
-Improved lighting in Twilight Thicket
-Multiplayer characters will now move and fly much more smoothly
-Visualization modes and Chaos modes unlocked and able to be selected via UI
-Scoring HUD now displays correctly in multiplayer
-Swords now display in multiplayer
-Session list upgrades to sort and join multiplayer games easier
-Player list now displays curator and other multiplayer users in session
-Improved visuals and effects on floating lanterns
-New particle effects added
-Crystalline Summit visual upgrades
-Various particle upgrades
-Tree upgrades
-Stability improvements and crashing fixes
-Some magical springtime flowers have been seen sprouting in Twilight Thicket

One final note regarding multiplayer – we are aware of an outstanding bug affecting teleportation in multiplayer. We plan to have this fixed very soon and will let you know when bring in this update next week

Patch 2.01 Goes Live With Numerous Bug Fixes

March 9, 2019

We’ve just updated the Steam and Oculus versions of Soundscape VR with a new patch that brings in a number of fixes and improvements, but at current time affects our multiplayer server connectivity. We’re going to be working as quickly as we can to restore full functionality.

Patch 2.01 changelist:

Fixed an issue where the main menu song was playing too loudly in the tutorial making it difficult to hear
Fixed an issue where collectible items were not saving
Fixed an issue that caused the menu to open incorrectly
Fixed an issue with the Keyboard tilting
Fixed an issue where the music UI was displaying files by default
Fixed an issue on vive where the sword holding hand position was incorrect
Fixed an issue where players could not select any chaos modifiers
Fixed an issue in multiplayer where the player scoring was not displaying correctly
Fixed an issue where you could not see other players afterburners
Fixed an issue where multiplayer session names were displaying incorrectly
Fixed an issue where the player start would be floating off the ground
Fixed an issue with visual glitches upon loading into different worlds
Fixed an issue where certain items could not be destructed
Fixed an issue with graphical glitches in the Black Sun
Fixed an issue where you were unable to shoot fireworks
Fixed an issue where visualization modes were unable to be changed

October Patch – Major updates to gameplay

October 22, 2018

-New boost button that blasts you off and gives a higher top speed while cruising
-New tutorial that makes Soundscape more intuitive and easier to learn than ever before
-New scoring system enable gameplay while racking up points for fun, charging up your katanas
-New physics based objects added to the environment to interact with via shooting or melee
-New audioreactivity upgrades – more sensitive and more objects reacting simultatiously than ever before
-New material enhancements across the levels
-Tons of bug fixes

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