Soundscape VR can bring our state-of-the-art VR music experience to you and dazzle festival goers and concert attendees as they step into a surreal interactive and explorable virtual universe of music and light.  Live music is played into the audio-reactive VR worlds and over the stage PA system simultaneously, while players create the visual experience for spectators via 120” projection screens.
Soundscape VR originated as a Burning Man art installation, created to spread a love of music and arts. Thousands braved dust storms and more in seek of the oasis of Soundscape VR, an incredible ourpouring of love shown for the project over nine days. Because of the love of the community, Soundscape VR is now shared with the world free - connecting friends and fans through the power of music.

Bring VR To Your Event

Want to bring the most cutting-edge VR music technology in the world to your festival or live event? We'll bring our supercomputer setup to you and set up our art installation demo booth to give your attendees a virtual reality experience they won't soon forget. Featuring state-of-the-art hardware and projection capabilities, Soundscape VR will blow people away as they step into a surreal virtual world of music and light that they can interact with and explore.

Burning Man (169)

The next evolution of Soundscape VR is coming, we will be debuting our latest creation at festivals this summer in North America.

  • For the installation, there are multiple stations where individual users control the action in their own Soundscape VR virtual venue.
  • Spectators are able to participate via projection screens and PA system, where they can see & hear what the user is experiencing.
  • Offers the capability for musicians to link up with Soundscape VR and play audio inside the virtual world and real world synchronized simultaneously for special mixed reality performances.


Whatever kind of person you are--be it an artist, musician, producer, gamer, or simply someone with an idea for VR--we can make your idea a reality. With a community of over 40,000 users and music lovers who have already discovered Soundscape VR, we are here to help create new realities and experiences your audience will love.


We look forward to hearing from you! <3