Ever since Soundscape VR (SVR) started out by gifting tech-art for smiles on the playa, our mission has remained the same: To explore the magical possibilities of music and art in every reality.

As home of hyper-immersive visual arts and sound experiences, Soundscape VR (SVR) empowers music fans to lose themselves in vast surreal worlds of breathtaking beauty that shatter the limits of possibility.  Part game, part visualizer, part 24/7 music festival – tens of thousands of hours of work have gone into making SVR one of most innovative and unique pieces of art ever created. The culmination of this work is an oasis far from the digital wasteland of today, a platform for good enabling new level of connectivity between artists and fans, a dream destination to enjoy music with friends across the globe in a mind-melting audio-visual feast for the senses!

The “SVR GOLDEN TICKET” is a rare piece of virtual reality digital artwork redefining the possibilities of what an NFT can be. The owner of this limited edition 1 of 9 NFT will reap special benefits, tied directly to the Soundscape VR platform. The SVR GOLDEN TICKET is a VIP pass granting the holder free access to every live concert inside of Soundscape VR.  No show can ever be sold out to you, you’ll have automatic entry to all performances.  In addition, the holder is also granted Founder’s Status, unlocking seven years worth of worlds, cosmetics, upgrades, and mods, and more – plus all those to come for the next decade.  The NFT holder will also be recognized with a special “Virtual Visionary” title in game and a unique cosmetic item to be delivered to the nine holders of the golden tickets. 

SVR does not accept corporate sponsorship in its virtual music utopia, making NFT’s a perfect pairing to maintain the purest music experience on the planet. Guided by our dedication to foster a censorship-free and inclusive community-based platform, SVR strives to provide a magical environment to celebrate amazing music, art, culture, creativity, and self-expression. With hundreds of updates already since launch, we’ll never stop improving our musical metaverse for you and your friends; always made by music lovers, for music lovers.

More Than Just Art


Founder’s status granted in Soundscape VR unlocking all worlds, items, cosmetics, mods, and more.

Special “Virtual Visionary” stylized name identifying your avatar as 1 of 9 golden ticket holders.

Vote on new worlds & features to help shape the future of Soundscape.

Superfan status: Get 10% closer to stages.

No event can ever be sold out for you.

Unique in-game cosmetic item.

Free entry to all shows.

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