Colorful alien worlds, boundless nebulas, and shimmering snowcaps are just a few of the experiences we've built, and we're always adding more. Play and party with friends, or embark on a solo quest to the sound of your own streaming playlist. Your imagination is the limit in Soundscape VR. We've partnered with festival favorite artists, some of the most talented acts on the planet, to deliver you and your friends music in the ultimate way. Jam, Funk, Hip-Hop, Bass, Indie, EDM, Chill, Psych Rock, and much more are all headed your way, with new releases happening regularly. Please enjoy your experience in what many have called, "One of the best free VR games." The future is now.

Experience an elevated, mesmerizing psychedelic world of music.

Soundscape VR, an interactive virtual reality music visualizer, might just be the coolest thing you’ve never tried.

Powered by your favorite music, here’s a glimpse of what it’s like:

" Donning an Oculus Rift headset and controllers, you’re transported to your chosen virtual sphere, Black Sun (an uber space odyssey) or Crystalline Summit (an electric mountainous wonderland). It’s a feast for the senses. The music is the heartbeat: it drives the visual body and landscape. The sky pulsates. Neon shapes undulate and grow under all-encompassing beats. Riffs draw to the vivid, pull to the vibrant. It’s total convergence of sight and sound. "

While many virtual reality platforms attempt to replicate the live music experience, Soundscape VR creates an entirely new metaverse of music where the laws of physics don’t apply and users can experience their favorite music in a brand new way:

  • Join a community of over 40,000 users and music lovers who have already discovered Soundscape VR--one of the best free VR games for the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Valve Index, and other Steam VR headsets.
  • Users can play their favorite music inside Soundscape - any song from any music service.
  • Interact with new new music and be your own virtual DJ with the most advanced VR music experience on the market.

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We support the latest and greatest in VR technology, and will never compromise audiovisual quality for anything. Our VR experiences utilize the full potential of advanced GPUs on desktop for maximum quality, as well as on mobile hardware coming soon.

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We do this for you, for the love!  As gamers, science fiction and tech lovers ourselves, we love to hear from you and see what you'll create with Soundscape VR.

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