Soundscape Launch Party

Oct 15 2022 @ 9:00 pm
Evergreen, CO

Dopapod is excited to debut their brand new, self-titled, album in Soundscape VR on May 26th, 2022. The show will begin at 9:00PM EST in Magic Mirror on the Soundscape platform. This is an immersive virtual reality experience that requires a VR headset* to participate. If you do not have a VR headset, you can still listen and chat with other participants through Discord.

Here’s how to participate:

Full VR Experience: Download Soundscape VR on Steam or Oculus Home. We suggest doing this prior to the event so you can customize your avatar and get comfortable with the basic controls of moving through Soundscape. For this event, we will be using Discord for all two-way audio communication between participants and the band. Be sure you already have your Discord account activated, we’ll be using the “Dopapod Album Release Party” Voice Channel on the Soundscape Discord here.

Audio-Only Experience: If you don’t have access to a VR headset, you can still participate in an audio-only session by joining the Discord Voice Channel. You won’t get to experience the album stream, but you will have an opportunity to chat with other participants. All you’ll need to do is join the Soundscape VR Discord and log-on to the “Dopapod Album Release Party” channel.

It’s Party Time! Once you have the software installed and you’ve created your account, it’s time to take your music listening to another level! You’ll want to start by logging into Discord and launching the voice channel, that’s how you’ll communicate with all of the other participants. When you load up Soundscape VR for the first time, you will be immediately transported to the NeoNexus, our virtual lobby, which feels like a giant dance club setting. Once the navigation window loads into view, you’ll want to make your way to ENTER SOUNDSCAPE. From there you will select the active room option and join the stream.

About The Venue:
Your journey into the Soundscape Universe begins just beyond Earth’s atmosphere, where a collection of wild and weird alien vessels have gathered for one reason – to dance! The Black Sun offers a chance to explore space stations, space ships, and space creatures beyond explanation. Some intrepid explorers may even stumble upon some formerly earthbound secrets if they look hard enough!

You don’t have to use Discord on your computer! You can install Discord on your phone, slide in an ear bud and put that phone in your back pocket if you want to dance and move around freely.

If you are new to Soundscape, we recommend the SVR Live experience first. It gives a great, progressive walk-thru of all of the features and worlds contained within Soundscape in under ten minutes.

The Soundscape Universe is audio-reactive. To fully enjoy those effects when exploring on your own, make sure your music is playing through your laptop! Soundscape is platform agnostic and will work with any music source as long as it is routed through your sound card.

We encourage you to prep for the event. Make sure your software/downloads are up to date. Create your accounts ahead of time. Customize your avatar before the session begins. Experience Soundscape and get familiar with all of the controls and facets of moving through virtual space. But most importantly, get excited! We are breaking new ground together with this special endeavor and we can’t wait to connect with you in virtual reality!

*Soundscape VR is a high-end virtual reality experience, therefore your own encounter will be dependent upon your hardware capabilities. We recommend higher-end headsets like the Valve Index or HTC Vive. Oculus headsets MUST be tethered to a PC in order to be used with Soundscape VR.

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