Artists & Musicians


Be one of the first artists to release a virtual reality music video.

Develop your own virtual universe to accompany your album release.

Have a different idea?  We make it a (virtual) reality.


Be a part of the next generation of audio-visual artists.

Set yourself apart from the crowd by producing virtual reality music videos with our state of the art VR music visualizer. Soundscape VR allows artists to reach listeners on an entirely new platform, and provides a new way for fans to experience their music.

Your Art In VR


Your Art In VR

  • Totally unique

    A totally unique visual experience unlike anything else ever created.

  • Perfect stereoscopic audio quality

     Players hear your music exactly as you intended

  • Globally connected fans, 24/7

    A place for your fans to meet and live stream 24/7 across the globe.

  • Infinitely scalable live tours

    An infinitely scalable live tour exposing your music to a new audience of technology lovers.

  • Interactive musical experiences

    An interactive world where players can be a part of the music experience instead of just spectators.

Enhance your distribution in VR

Artists/labels can partner with Soundscape VR to deliver pre-loaded tracks or albums into the Soundscape VR universe, and expose their music to a passionate audience of music fanatics in a highly receptive environment.  Soundscape VR can develop custom virtual live music venues and effects to accompany specific artists/songs and help complete the artistic vision of the music in the virtual realm.