A Multi-Decades Long Art Project

The beauty of Soundscape and of the VR medium is that it is a digital painting to revisit again and again. While other mediums force you to put down the brush and walk away to maintain your sanity, the entire composition of Soundscape is a just a foundation to build upon. The Black Sun is the best example of this, with over 7 years of development time to date.

The other primary superiority to the canvas is the ability to expand size at any time.  Each Soundscape has grown over its life to the point of spanning miles.  It’s a balance between expanding the size of the world improving the existing parts. Daily I’m adding details to small areas, hiding new things where they will likely not be found. 

Of all the development time spent on Soundscape, the lion’s share goes towards new features.  Here are just a few of the features we’ve implemented since launch:

Infinite replayability
Sonic AI audio reactivity 
Open worlds with full smooth locomotion
Multiplayer Social Worlds
RPG elements including talent system and avatar customization
SVR UI v4.0 with Lighting Microcontroller
Full IK Avatars with capability for 1:1 dance and social presence 
SVR LIVE mixed reality art installation
Spectra Dash gaming modes
Sound(E)scape mode for therapeutic research

What’s coming next?  Here’s a taste of a few things on our horizon:

Artist Link live concerts
VR museums celebrating artists
Mobile play on the go
Limitless capacity shows via infinite scalability
New games to play and interact with other players
Expanded social features
More performance optimizations
Two new Soundscapes
And so much more…

When I began work on Soundscape, I knew I was embarking on a task of epic proportions that would take many years or even decades to realize.  My earliest calculations and optimistic expectations were that by 2030 Soundscape would be finally starting to realize its true potential. 

It’s been an incredible journey to this point, already farther than I hoped I would ever be able to take Soundscape.  My original goal was just to enable a free space for music lovers to escape together, a goal that once seemed insurmountable, and although that has been achieved, I will always keep refining that aspect of the Soundscape mural.

It seems inevitable at this point that someday after enough work Soundscape will reach its full potential, it is quite exciting to consider what the future holds.