There’s never been a better time in history to be making music.  An artist today with just a laptop plus a copy of Ableton Live has limitless creative potential at their fingertips, able to become the next Grammy winner.  This explosion of musical decentralization has sent shockwaves through the industry that has already changed the musical landscape forever.  But even though technology has massively benefited the music production, it hasn’t yet had quite the same positive impact on touring and live shows.  It’s time for that to change with the introduction of ARTIST LINK.

Artist Link is a new technology Groove Science Studios has been developing for over seven years now, enabling the next generation of the concert experience.  Artist Link connects fans and artists across the globe instantly, unlocking an abundance of novel benefits for both music creators and music lovers.  It’s about traveling thousands of miles in the blink of an eye, shattering barriers and being teleported to hyper-immersive virtual shared spaces where the limitations of reality no longer apply.  Let’s take a look at two scenarios of how this new technology can redefine how people interact with music. 

As an Artist:
One second you are sitting in your studio working on a new song, the next an alarm goes off to remind you it is time for your big show.  You slip on your HMD and step onto the main stage ready to perform.  You’re performing not just on a stage, but within a whole world you’ve helped design.   Tonight you’re choosing to operate your entire stage singlehandedly, a true one-man show.  Your worldwide fanbase is assembled into one venue, the stage scaling dynamically to accommodate everyone ranging from a dozen friends up to tens of thousands of fans.  Your audiovisual presentation is in a word, mind-blowing.  You are in total command of your audience and have their complete attention.  Hundreds of lasers fill the space around you but you never had to buy them, you never had to rent a vehicle to transport them, you never had to hire a crew to haul them.  There’s no safety or liability to worry about with them or any of your 50ft flame cannons, everything just works.  You perform your music live, blending realities by playing real instruments into the virtual world.  As the music builds, you take control of your fans’ vision via optical hack and melt the world around them.  For your big finale you blast off and fly through the crowd shooting fireworks into the audience, the crowd is lost in a sea of chromatic explosions.  The smoke clears, the crowd goes wild, you bow and take off your HMD, and you’re back in your studio ready to keep doing what you love – making music.   

As a Fan:
You arrive at the show three minutes before the start time and fly up to your perfect spot where all of your friends are waiting for you.   Your entire festival family is gathered together, you can tell who is who just by the way their avatar moves and translates their real-world motion 1:1. Your view is wholly uninterrupted with limitless room to dance, you are fully immersed in a world of no cell phones and no distractions.  Whether you are pressed against the stage, or you are flying overhead 1000′ above, the sound is flawless and magnificent within your favorite pair of headphones.  The visuals are somehow even more impressive, your mouth hangs open as the impossible repeatedly happens.  Out of the corner of your eye, you see a mobility-impaired friend soaring backward with arms outstretched, out of the other corner you see another pair of acquaintances painting audio-reactive streams of light out of their hands, collaborating on virtual art together.  Time stands still until the set is over seemingly as quickly as it began.  Your favorite artist comes down to greet you, passing you an invite to a special album release party happening later this month.  You take the money you would have spent on a ride getting home and instead donate it directly to the artist, a special 3d collectible from the event materializes in your inventory to forever remind you of the amazing time you had tonight.  You hang out with your friends for a few minutes gushing about the set, before taking off the headset and returning to your living room.  You grab a drink from your fridge, sit down, and smile.

Does this like sound like fantasy or science fiction?  It’s real, it’s Artist Link, and it begins this summer. If you’re interested, reach out, we want to hear from you –