The Virtual Music Platform for Good

The birth of the Soundscape Universe wasn’t just intended to explore the exciting intersection of music and technology, but to evolve the industry by putting power directly into the hands of artists and fans.  What started as an immersive music visualizer has continued to evolve into something much more.  Here at Groove Science Studios, we’ve been combining art and music in imaginative VR spaces for nearly seven years now, leading the world in the exploration of this technology.  Since our very first live event at Burning Man 2017, a gifted art installation showcasing the power of music, art, and love, we’ve continued to double down on our community-driven platform for good.

Today I’m announcing the start of a new ongoing partnership with Conscious Alliance, a Colorado charity fighting hunger that provides meals for underserved communities. Together we are a movement of artists, musicians, and music lovers on a mission to end hunger, gifting hyper-immersive audiovisual experiences to heal the world.  Starting today, every time someone makes a purchase inside SVR supporting our art, they will also be fighting hunger at the same time, helping those who need it most.  I’ve been so impressed by the incredible work of Conscious Alliance, and I can’t imagine a better partner to join forces alongside in an ongoing commitment.  To celebrate the start of this great collaboration, I’m going to be kicking things off with a $10,000 donation.

For years we’ve been designing the platform with the goal of empowering artists, and the need for that has never been more apparent than during this difficult time.  We are democratizing touring and live musical performance, allowing any musician to tour globally from home while putting more money in their pocket than traditional touring.  We take no cut of revenue generated by any artist on our platform, resulting in lower fees for fans, and higher payments for artists.  We’re going to be continuing to roll out new artist features over the summer and fall that expand our already industry-leading capabilities.

One of the fundamental differences between Soundscape and other tech platforms is our company values related to responsible technology user privacy.  We don’t harvest and sell user data, we don’t bombard users with intrusive ads, we don’t limit free speech on our platform.  We can do this since we are not beholden to ultra-rich corporate investors, choosing to remain an independent company that has the freedom to choose to do the right thing, rather than the thing that milks the most money. 

As Creator of Soundscape VR, I’ve been personally responsible for the development of this platform since inception, and I’m proud to say I have never taken a single paycheck for my labor of love.  I have no doubt others will arrive to the industry soon driven by the prospect of making billions, but the Soundscape Universe will always be first and foremost a platform for good.  Our audience of over 50,000 users, some of the most passionate and dedicated fans of music, have already proven how much authenticity matters in VR.  Thanks for making history together with us, and for helping to make the world a better place.