The Power of Closing Your Eyes

Have you ever been to a concert and found yourself with your eyes closed?  Maybe it was to allow yourself to be pulled deeper into sound, maybe it was completely involuntary, or maybe just to forget for a moment about that 6’8″ person’s head (and shoulders) blocking your view.
When I set out to create Soundscape, I knew the visual intensity must be on a wide spectrum so that each person would be able to choose from a range of options to match their sound selection.  On one end you would have complete immersion, an uninterrupted, unimpeded, and unfiltered visual extravaganza where no outside forces would exist to distract you from the performance at hand.  On the other end, the player would have the ability to shut their eyes at any moment and freely escape, heightening senses like hearing even further.  It may surprise you to hear Soundscape is intended to be played with your eyes closed or open, facilitating those wonderful moments of escape!  And not only that, but also giving you the freedom to adjust your pose – sitting, standing, or even lying down flat on your back!  Every piece of music warrants a different ocular approach, there is no right or wrong way to play.  In Soundscape, the player has all the power. 

By layering different levels of visual effects on top of one another where the sum of the parts is greater than the whole, we’ve managed to create a visual arts experience that is constantly changing and can feel fresh indefinitely.  With over 10 million combinations of visual effects to date, you could stay inside Soundscape for a year straight and still not see everything that exists!!!  It’s that replayability that keeps people coming back time and time again to discover new audiovisual magic.